Libya Moves Towards Civil War As Fighting Intensifies Between Militias

Three years after Muammar Gaddafi was ousted following a NATO intervention led by the United Kingdom and France, Libya seems to be on the verge of chaos. Recent clashes between brigades that had taken the former leader down for the control of Tripoli and oil resources, highlight the progressive breaking up of political authority. After the bombing of Tripoli’s airport in early July, fire was set to 6 million-litres petrol reservoirs in the south of the city, raising concern about a dramatic shortage of fuel to come. Western countries have called on their nationals to leave the country while embassies are being closed.

Lack of central authority

Libya is progressively descending into civil war. Clashes have erupted between Islamists militias, allied with Misratan brigades, and their opponents from the city of Zintan, after the parliamentary elections on 25 June, which were a big loss for Islamist parties. The two groups had united three years ago to bring down Colonel Gaddafi, but have not handed over their weapons so far.

Artillery, tank fire and rockets have been used by rival militias aiming at taking control of strategic points of the country, forcing civilians to leave the cities in turmoil. It is notably the case in the capital city of Tripoli, but also in Benghazi, where at least 38 people were killed on 27 July in clashes between Islamist fighters and troops loyal to the government. Another 97 people had previously died in the fighting for control of Tripoli’s airport. In total, the Health Ministry declared that 160 people had died since the beginning of the clashes two weeks ago. On 27 July, six million litres of fuel were set on fire before a second petroleum depot was targeted on Monday the 28th. These events are a “humanitarian and environmental disaster with unforeseeable consequences” said a government official.

The central authority has been gradually losing power and Libya’s fragile government and army have been unable to control anti-Gaddafi fighters. Prime Minister Abdullah al Thinni was refused boarding in his own plane by militias which control the area. Several ministries have also been attacked by fighters, as well as the parliament building. In parallel, security forces have lost touch and kidnapping are rampant while petrol is becoming scarce, and electricity is regularly cut off as well as internet.

International citizens asked to evacuate

Many Western countries have called their nationals to leave Libya as soon as possible. “British nationals in Libya should leave now by commercial means” said the British Foreign Office on Sunday 27 July, while France, Germany and the Netherlands warned their citizens against increasing kidnapping threats. Clashes between Libyan groups are increasingly affecting foreigners, especially after British diplomats were targeted in their vehicle by gunmen in the outskirts of the capital city.
The United States embassy evacuated its staff on 26 July, as well the United Nations, the Philippines and Austria.

Libyan-led transition hopes disappointed

The recent events are a denial of what the NATO was hoping for three years ago when it favoured regime change in Libya. The hope for a Libyan-led transition is gradually fading away. The recent elections, gave the feeling that the tense transition would be smoothed by popular votes. However, Claudia Gazzini from the International Crisis Group underlined, “There was some naïveté in that approach”. It was rather a “shadow state” that emerged from the revolution, between the militias that have fought Gaddafi but kept on using their arms rather than moving to democratic institutions. Ex-rebels have been hired as security forces by the government, but their loyalties are usually stronger to their tribes or factions. “There seems to be no way in which the government can actually bring the various militias under its control and thereby establish effective security,” North Africa specialist at the University of Cambridge George Joffe said. Today, concerns are raising about chaos spilling over across the country’s borders and further destabilization of neighbouring states.

Sources : European Forum, The Guardian I, Le Monde, The New York Times, Reuters, Al Jazeera, The Guardian II, Al Arabiya. France 24.

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A Former IDF Soldier Describes The Moment That Changed His Outlook On Operations In Palestinian Territory

Arutz Sheva \BI

A recent poll shows that 91% of Israeli Jews support Operation Protective Edge, the name for Israel’s ongoing air and land campaign to destroy rockets and tunnel networks used by Hamas to attack Israeli civilians, reports Arutz Sheva.
But former IDF sergeant Avner Gvaryahu is among the minority of Israelis critical of military operations in Palestinian territories, including the latest three-week war in Gaza. Gvaryahu is director of public outreach for Breaking the Silence, an organization that collects testimony from veterans who have served in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem to show the effects of the Israeli military’s presence on everyday life in those territories.

Gvaryahu, who served as a paratrooper in a special operations unit after being drafted into the IDF in the mid-2000s, described the combat experience that changed his outlook.

In Gvaryahu’s first mission, his unit entered a Palestinian house in the West Bank at midnight to use it as an observation point during an operation.

“I remember that experience of going into the house and in a matter of seconds taking an entire family and locking them in a room and taking control of the house,” he told the BBC World Service radio station. “I mean, if they want to use the bathroom or the kitchen, they need permission from me.”

The Palestinian house contained three generations of civilian family members. The soldiers woke them up and gathered them together. “We put everyone in one room — women, men, children, and the elderly,” Gvaryahu wrote of the same scene in The Independent.

“One of the guys was stationed at the door to ensure that they didn’t get out. In the meantime, we took care of our business. I remember asking myself: What do they think about all of this? What would I do if soldiers broke into my home? But I immediately repressed these questions and carried on with the mission.”

On that occasion, the unit left the house after six hours, but sometimes they occupied homes for a week, with the family locked inside, Gvaryahu said. Despite Gvaryahu’s concerns with the morality of those operations, the brunt of his attention remained focused on his duties as a soldier.

“[T]he next day there were already new operations,” he wrote in The Independent. “This was our daily routine, and as a result, the next time I didn’t really think about how the family whose home we entered felt. My personal red moral line blurred very quickly. Every time I would tell myself — this is still OK.”

In many operations the Palestinian adults weren’t surprised by the IDF presence, sometimes even offering the soldiers coffee and inviting them to smoke hookah, Gvaryahu said. But the children were a different story.

“There were definitely instances — and I think this is part of the things that really affected me personally — was the reaction not of the adults that sort of anticipated it, but of the children,” he told BBC. “This was for me one of those turning points — I think I had a few throughout my three years of service, entering houses and seeing the anger in the eyes of these children and the hatred.”

Just like he crossed his own moral red lines as a soldier entering Palestinian homes, Gvaryahu feels the IDF is doing the same with its aggressive bombing of Gaza homes where Hamas members are suspected of living, putting more civilians at risk.

That tactic was widely used during Operation Cast Lead in 2008, and it is common practice in the ongoing crisis in Gaza, Gvaryahu said. “Homes of ‘Hamas members’ were added to the IDF’s long list of potential targets in the Gaza Strip,” he wrote in The Independent.

But Gvaryahu doesn’t blame the soldiers doing their jobs.

“I don’t think it’s the soldier’s job to dwell on moral issues,” he told BBC. “I think its the society’s job to make sure we don’t ask our soldiers to do immoral things.”

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SHOCK AND TERROR: Islamic State boasts mass executions in Iraq (GRAPHIC)+VIDEO

As part of their psychological war to create a medieval-style caliphate, the Islamic State has released a new shocking video showing scenes of mass executions, warning Iraqi soldiers and others who dare to resist that they will be rounded up and killed.
The Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL, stormed through areas of northern Iraq last month, building on territory they had already seized in western Iraq and Syria.

The 36-minute video clip was released for the Eid holiday marking the end of Ramadan, sheds a disturbing light on the mentality of the Islamic State extremists and the methods they use as the organization presses on with its campaign of hatred and murder.

The video begins with IS fighters sweeping through a town in quick hit raids. The insurgents then stand over dozens of terrified Iraqis many of whom are only teenagers. One militant mocks a soldier for wearing civilian clothes over his uniform and then shoots him dead.
Other soldiers are then led to a pit in the desert and murdered one by one. A jihadist, not satisfied that they are dead, then does the round again. Most of the men appear to be deserters from the Iraqi army.
Other sequences from the IS propaganda video include a commander firing up militants with promises that paradise awaits them, when they take the city of Samarra, which is only 100 km north of the capital Baghdad.
Some of the prisoners were led to the edge of a river where each one was shot in the head with a pistol and then shoved in.


The footage also shows the insurgents moving into a town in pick-up trucks and US Humvees, seized from the Iraqi army last month, although it is not clear if this actually is Samarra, which is still reportedly in Iraqi government hands.


Islamic State militants gain ground by driving past other vehicles and opening fire randomly on passengers who then lose control of their vehicles or lie dead on the seats in pools of their own blood.

The video also shows IS bulldozing mosques and blowing up Shiite shrines.
Islamic State insurgents appear to avoid heavy clashes and therefore casualties by conducting quick, ruthless and indiscriminate operations and by using psychological warfare.
On Tuesday the Islamic State secured another strategic victory by blowing up a bridge between Tikrit and Samarra, as well as severing a tunnel which was also used by the Iraqi military.


Iraqi government troops have tried and failed to recapture Tikrit from the militants. As the Iraqi army proves to be increasingly inept and ineffective, Shiite militias now rival government forces in their will and ability to confront Sunni insurgents.
Iraqi Christians have also fled the IS controlled city of Mosul, the second biggest in Iraq, following threats of execution if they did not convert to Islam or pay a religious tax.
The only forces making headway or at least holding their ground in the battle against the IS insurgents are the Kurds to the north and the forces of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Islamic State militants in Syria briefly captured the Al-Shaar gas field near Homs and killed at least 200 Syrian army soldiers before it was recaptured by President Assad’s forces Monday.


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Fighting Israel’s Battles From Holland Social Media ‘War Room’

Forward \ By Cnaan Liphshiz

Dutch Volunteers Churn Out Logos and Memes

Pushing Back: Anti-Israel demonstrations have mushroomed in the Netherlands since the start of the Gaza war. Some committed activists are fighting back on social media.

Israeli Ambassador to the Netherlands Haim Divon nodded approvingly as he surveyed the small army of 50 men and women fighting for Israel.
Around a conference table in an office in the Amsterdam suburb of Buitenveldert, 30 volunteers were writing and collecting pro-Israel materials and transferring them to an editor who posted them on social networks.
Nearby, the graphics department churned out glossy logos and catchy memes that compared weather forecasts from London – partly cloudy with a chance of light showers – to that of Tel Aviv: Rocket volley with a chance of death.
This was not Divon’s operation. In fact, he and other embassy staff were making only their first visit to the situation room set up by Jewish and Christian volunteers to counter anti-Israel rhetoric online. Community leaders say the effort is unparalleled in Europe and a testament to the vibrancy of Dutch Jewry.
“What you have done here is amazing,” Divon told the group. “I think this is unique in Europe and this is exactly what we need to give us enough time to accomplish what we need in order to ensure the safety of the people of Israel.”
The volunteers at the Buitenveldert situation room began working last week out of the the cafeteria of the local Jewish Cultural Center, which they converted into a space where 80 people can work in two 14-hour shifts each day. The volunteers have created hundreds of posts and articles on Israel, which they disseminate through the Holland4Israel Facebook group and on Twitter, among other social media.
“The idea is to empower pro-Israel advocates who used to work out of their student apartments by giving them a community framework, interaction and facilities,” said Ron Eisenmann, a former community leader from Amsterdam who spearheaded the project with Rabbi Yanki Jacobs, director of the Dutch branch of the Chabad on Campus network, and Christians for Israel, an international network of Christian Zionists.
For some participants, the situation room is the only place outside their homes where they can express support of Israel without rebuke. After one of her classmates posted on Facebook that “f—–g Zionists are something that every Jew should be ashamed of,” one Jewish student decided she needed to be more discreet about her views.
“Most of my friends are left-wing non-Jews, so I knew they were no big fans of Israel,” said Naomi, a student in her 20s from an eastern Holland city with few Jews, who asked to be identified only by her first name. “But I was shocked by their attacks on me because of my comments online about Israel’s right to defend itself.”
Support for the Palestinian cause is strong in the Netherlands, which has seen a string of efforts to divest from Israel over its policies in the West Bank and Gaza. Earlier this month, Muslim demonstrators twice chanted menacing calls about Jews at rallies in The Hague. Separately, unidentified individuals smashed the windows of the home of a chief rabbi, the fifth attack on his residence in recent years.
But the kingdom is also home to one of Europe’s most active pro-Israel communities, led by the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel, or CIDI. The 40-year-old organization with 10 professional staffers, an online television channel and two research departments has given the Netherlands’ small Jewish community of 40,000 an outsized voice on Israel affairs unequaled by similarly sized communities elsewhere in Europe.
But it is the support of Christian Zionists that gives Holland’s well-organized Jewish community an extra push in its public diplomacy efforts, according to Binyomin Jacobs, Yanki’s father and the rabbi whose home was attacked.
“The supporters of Israel from Christians for Israel are an enormous help and an important element to the Jewish story here,” said Jacobs.
Representing hundreds of thousands of people in dozens of countries, Christians for Israel was founded in the Netherlands in 1979. Its international headquarters is still located in the town of Nijkerk, near Amsterdam.
Recently, the group launched several campaigns against PGGM, a major pension firm that divested from Israeli companies, and against several supermarket chains that reportedly agreed to boycott settlement goods. The markets denied they had made such a decision amid protests led predominantly by Christians.
Christians for Israel’s contribution to the pro-Israel effort during the current Gaza crisis was evident at a July 19 demonstration, where approximately 1,000 people – many draped in Israeli flags – packed Amsterdam’s Dam Square.
“I was surprised at how many Jews showed up,” said Sergiusz Licpyz, an Israeli living in Amsterdam. “They sang Hebrew songs and completely dwarfed the counter-demonstration of 30 pro-Palestinians, who ended up looking quite pathetic. I think they were also surprised.”
About 75 percent of the participants were Christians, according to David Serphos, a former Jewish community leader who helped set up the situation room with Eisenmann.
“Thank God for Christians for Israel because without them, that demonstration would have been different,” Serphos said.
Back at the situation room, Timo Erkelens of Christians for Israel’s youth group, Israelity, describes his involvement as a form of compensation for “all the horrible things” that befell Dutch Jewry. The Holocaust wiped out 75 percent of the community, the highest death rate in all of Nazi-occupied Western Europe.
“We are here to change the record,” Erkelens said.

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IRELAND: East Belfast Race Attacks ‘Orchestrated’

Police have said eight racist attacks in east Belfast are linked and were orchestrated.


Cars and homes were damaged and racist slogans painted on walls in five locations on Monday night.

Paint was thrown at a car and all its windows smashed in Rosebery Street.

Racist slogans were painted on a gable wall at the junction of lmdale Street and Bately Street.

Windows of a house in Chobham Street were smashed and paint thrown at the house.

Racist graffiti was also painted on a gable wall in the area.

Damage was also caused to a house in Bloomfield Avenue and a silver Fiat Punto car parked on the Ravenscroft Street.

A group of between 10 to 15 people were involved, some of them masked and there was a level of orchestration.

Superintendent Mark McEwan
Police said all the incidents took place before 11pm and are investigating a link between the attacks.

One of the victims who had “Romanians out” painted on her home in Bloomfield Avenue said she would not be forced out.

Rosie Lakatosova, who is Slovakian, said: “Just yesterday I walked around the area and there was nothing.

“I am scared and frightened and I don’t know why they would do this.

“This is a very good street,” the mother of two said.

Residents voiced their anger at the attacks and said people should be allowed to live where they want free from intimidation.

One of the victim’s neighbours said: “It is the same people responsible, this is a terrible thing.

“It’s not right. These people are always very nice to us they would always say hello to you in the street, I’m sure they are frightened.

“People should be able to live where they want, how they want, this is not fair.”

East Belfast is a kind, welcoming place inhabited by kind and welcoming people. It is utterly shameful that the reputation of our community should be tarnished by racist thugs who offer nothing but hatred and bitterness

DUP MLA Robin Newtown
Superintendent Mark McEwan: “There was a group of between 10 to 15 people involved, some of them masked.

“There was clearly a racial motivation and obviously they set out to intimidate and scare people.

“Many of the homes attacked had young children inside.

“There was a level of orchestration, although it’s disappointing we can’t say at this time if there is a particular group involved.”

Justice Minister David Ford said the attacks were carried out by cowards.

He added: “We have seen faceless people hiding under cover of darkness to carry out cowardly attacks on people and property.

“These are blatant hate crimes carried out by racists and serve absolutely no purpose but to cause fear and disruption.”

The UUP’s Michael Copeland MLA added: “There is absolutely no justification for targeting the homes or property of foreign nationals. It is totally unacceptable that anyone should be subject to attack or intimidation because of their race, religion or nationality.”

Belfast cannot be allowed to become the racist capital of the north, especially when so many people from here have been welcomed in so many countries around the world.

MP Dr Alasdair McDonnell, SDLP
Sinn Féin councillor Niall ÓDonnghaile also voiced his condemnation.

He said: “We want to create a welcoming city where people from all backgrounds can live in peace, free from fear of attack and there can be no place for racism.”

While Belfast City Councillor, Dr John Kyle said the attacks were “wrong, damaging, and counterproductive”.

The PUP representative added: “While recognising there are difficult and complex issues within the community, these problems are best dealt with by discussion and a coordinated community response.”

This is the latest in a spate of attacks in east Belfast.

Police have said there has been a spike in racist incidents in the city in the past year and have set up a dedicated phone line for people to report incidents.

Investigating officers are treating the latest attacks as a hate crime and are appealing for information on the non-emergency number 101.

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Synagogue Attacked, Rabbi Gets Death Threats

Police check the outside of a synagogue in Wuppertal for evidence of arson on Tuesday. Photo: DPA

INTELLIGENCE REPORT \ The Local ‘Germany News In English’

A wave of anti-Semitism in Germany, unleashed by the Gaza crisis, shows no sign of abating. A synagogue was attacked on Tuesday morning, a rabbi received death threats and anti-Jewish comments online have increased. Attacks on mosques have also risen.

Attackers threw Molotov cocktails at a synagogue in the western city of Wuppertal in the early hours of Tuesday in an apparent attempt to burn it down.

A neighbour alarmed police after spotting flames near the Bergische Synagogue in Gemarker Straße in the eastern district of Barmen at around 2.15 am.

Police said they believed three young arsonists had thrown several Molotov cocktails in the direction of the synagogue doors. Officers found broken bottles on the ground at the entrance, police said in a statement.

One 18-year-old man was arrested in connection with the attack.

No one was injured in the attempted arson attack and little damage was visible on the outside of the building, wrote the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung.

The original 1897 synagogue has been rebuilt once before after the Nazis burned it to the ground during the Kristallnacht pogrom in November 1938.

Meanwhile, a rabbi in Frankfurt am Main received a phone call from a man who threatened to kill 30 Jews in the city if his family in Gaza was harmed.

Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany told the Frankfurter Rundschau on Tuesday that the rabbi received the call last Friday from a Palestinian man.

Graumann said the Jewish community was taking the threat seriously.

‘Hatred online’

And anti-Jewish feelings also seems to be increasing online, a leading researcher into anti-Semitism in Germany said on Tuesday.

Monika Schwarz-Friesel, who is leading a research project at Berlin’s Technical University into anti-Semitism on the internet, said there had been a “massive flood” of anti-Semitic comments.

The professor said anti-Jewish comments were “falling back on old stereotypes,” with phrases such as “usurer”, “child murderer” and “global conspiracy” being used again in reference to Jewish people.

In an earlier project, Schwarz-Friesel and a US historian examined 14,000 letters sent to the Israeli embassy in Berlin and to the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

“Hatred of Israel unites writers of all classes,” she said. “Three percent of letters were anonymous and came from the far-right scene.”

Her current project, however, will focus on anti-Jewish forms of communication on social media, online comment areas, chats and forums. “The internet has become the primary distribution medium for the new anti-Semitism,” the TU said in a statement on Monday.

Mosque attack

Meanwhile, the left-leaning Linke party has warned about far-right violence against Germany’s Muslim population.

On Tuesday, the German press reported figures showing a sharp rise in the number of violent attacks on mosques since 2011.

The figure, which has jumped up by 50 percent in the past three years, had remained constant in the ten years between 2001 and 2011, the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung said on Tuesday.

An average of 22 attacks on mosques per year were registered in the decade after 2001, whereas that number jumped up to 35 in 2012 and 36 in 2013, the paper said.

The figures were given in a government reply to a question posed by the Linke party.

Man sets himself on fire outside Israeli embassy

UPDATE: On July 22nd, A man set himself on fire outside the Israeli embassy in Berlin on Monday night. Police said it was too soon to say whether it was part of a political protest.

Amid tensions in Berlin over pro-Gaza protests and a rise in anti-Semitism, the 46-year-old doused himself in a flammable liquid and then set himself alight with a cigarette lighter at 11.45pm on Monday.

Police said the man, who is of Arab descent, only suffered minor injuries outside the Israeli embassy in south-west Berlin.

A police spokesman told The Local his feet and legs were burnt and he was now in hospital.

His trousers caught fire immediately, the Berliner Morgenpost reported, but the flames were quickly put out by security staff outside the embassy.

“We can’t rule out he had a political motive, but it is too early to say at the moment,” the spokeswoman said.

Protests against Israel’s invasion of Gaza are in the spotlight in Germany at the moment following anti-Semitic chants at pro-Palestine rallies and the riots in neighbouring France.

On Monday, in an article in the Berliner Zeitung, Israel’s ambassador to Germany Yakov Hadas-Handelsman compared chants at pro-Palestine demonstrations to the behaviour of the Nazis.

He wrote: “Where are we? Where are we hearing these slogans? In Nazi Germany in 1934?”

He said Islamists, neo-Nazis and the far-left were all targeting Jewish people in the country.

“Each group has their own agenda but they have a common denominator – hatred of the Jewish people and of the state of Israel,” he wrote.

On Tuesday, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, France’s Laurent Fabius and Italy’s Federica Mogherini issued a joint statement in Brussels against anti-Semitism.

“Anti-Semitic rhetoric and hostility against Jews, attacks on people of Jewish belief and synagogues have no place in our societies,” they said.

“We strongly condemn the hateful Anti-Semitic comments, demonstrations and assaults over the past days.”

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LIVE LEAK: 50 Soldiers Beheaded And Their Heads Put On Poles-Video is Uncensored

Published on Jul 26, 2014
Theodore Shoebat on how Muslims beheaded 50 people and put their heads on poles

FULL STORY IN THE ABOVE VIDEO: Video Showing The Full Thing

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Britain and the Rise of Wahhabism and the House of Saud

Dr. Abdullah Mohammad Sindi* \Kana’an Electronic Bulletin (2004)
(Joint effort of al-Mashriq al-A’mil Center for Cultural and Development Studies (Ramallah) and Palestine Research and Publishing Foundation (USA). It is edited by the collective efforts of Ibrahim Makkawi, Adel Samara, and Masad Arbid.

One of the most rigid and reactionary sects in all of Islam today is Wahhabism. It is the official and dominant sect in Saudi Arabia whose sole constitution is the Holy Qur’an. Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia’s ruling House of Saud have been intimately and permanently intertwined since their births. Wahhabism created the Saudi monarchy, and the House of Saud spread Wahhabism. One could not have existed without the other. Wahhabism gives the House of Saud legitimacy, and the House of Saud protects and promotes Wahhabism. The two are inseparable because each supports the other and depends on it for survival. Unlike Islam in other Muslim countries, however, Wahhabism treats women as third class citizens, imposes the veil on them, and denies them basic human rights such as: driving cars; the freedom of traveling within the country or leaving it without permission or Mahram (“a relative male chaperon”); the interaction with men who are not related to them in order to maintain a complete separation of the sexes; and until a few decades ago denied them public education and banned them from Radio and Television. In addition, unlike other Islamic sects, Wahhabism outlaws the celebration of Almoulid (Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday); forbids religious freedom, opposes political freedom of expression by constantly admonishing Saudis to obey their leaders (who are not even elected); bans movie theaters; forces the public and businesses to observe prayers; cows the masses by publicly using the harshest Islamic punishments (applied mostly to the poor, like all other punishments) such as the beheading for convicted killers and the hand-amputation for thieves; denies the Saudi citizenship to non-Muslims; and condoned slavery until the 1960s. Wahhabism also abhors smoking, singing, and dancing. To ensure full compliance of its stern ordinances, the Wahhabi “Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” with its religious police keeps a watchful eye on the Saudi public. Wahhabism is highly self-centered and extremely intolerant of progressive ideologies, other religions, and other Islamic sects such as Shiism and Sufism. It despises Arab Nationalism with a great deal of passion, yet it promotes “Saudi” nationalism, despite the fact that any nationalism is considered a violation of Islamic theology due to the concept of Islamic Ummah (“nation”). Wahhabism considers itself to be the only correct way in all of Islam, and any Muslim who opposes it as heretic or non-believer.

Wahhabism was born in the middle of the 18th century in the sleepy desert-village of Dir’iyyah located in the Arabian Peninsula’s central region of Najd. The Wahhabi sect derives its name from the name of its founder Mohammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab (1703-92). Born in the Najdi small desert-village of Uyayna, Ibn Abdul-Wahhab was a zealot preacher who married a total of 20 wives (no more than 4 at a time) and had 18 children.

Before becoming a preacher, however, Ibn Abdul-Wahhab traveled extensively for years for business, pleasure, and education to Hejaz, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and India. Although Ibn Abdul-Wahhab is considered to be the father of Wahhabism, it was actually the British who initially impregnated him with the ideas of Wahhabism and made him its leader for their own sinister purposes to destroy Islam and the Muslim Ottoman Empire. The intricate details of this intriguing British conspiracy, which are beyond the scope of this article, are to be found in the memoirs of its master spy, titled “Confessions of a British Spy” from which the following two paragraphs are drawn.

While in Basra, Iraq young Ibn Abdul-Wahhab fell under the influence and control of a British undercover spy nicknamed “Hempher” who was one of many spies sent by London to Muslim lands in order to destabilize the Ottoman Empire and create conflicts among Muslims. Hempher, who pretended to be Muslim, went by the name of “Mohammad” and cunningly established a long-term intimate friendship with Ibn Abdul-Wahhab. Hempher, who showered Ibn Abdul-Wahhab with money and gifts, completely brainwashed him by convincing him that most Muslims should be killed because they had “dangerously violated” the basic tenets of Islam by becoming “heretics” and “polytheists”. Hempher also fabricated for him a wild dream in which he supposedly “saw” Prophet Mohammad “kissing” Ibn Abdul-Wahhab between the eyes, telling him you are the “greatest”, and asking him to be his “deputy” to save Islam from “heresies” and “superstitions”. Upon hearing Hempher’s dream, Ibn Abdul-Wahhab was wild with joy and became more determined than ever to assume the responsibility of establishing a new Islamic sect to “purify” and “reform” Islam.

In his memoirs Hempher described Ibn Abdul-Wahhab as “extremely unstable”, “extremely rude”, “morally depraved”, “nervous”, “arrogant”, and “ignorant”. The British, who viewed Ibn Abdul-Wahhab as a “typical fool”, also arranged for him to have
Nikah Mut’a (“marriage for pure sex”) with two British female undercover spies. The first was a Christian woman, nicknamed “Safiyya”, who lived with him in Basra as well as in Isfahan, Iran. The other was Jewish, nicknamed “Asiya” and married him in Shiraz, Iran.

After returning to Najd from his trips, Ibn Abdul-Wahhab began to preach his wild ideas in Uyayna. However, because of his rigid preaching, he was thrown out of his birthplace. He then went to preach in nearby Dir’iyyah where his dear friend Hempher and other undercover British spies joined him. Ibn Abdul-Wahhab ordered women to shave off their heads in order not to “seduce” men with their hair.

He also mercilessly killed a local adulteress in a crowded public square by brutally smashing her head with a large heavy boulder.

While Islamic punishment for adultery is stoning, but only with small stones, Muslim scholars disagree as to whether the punishment was actually intended to kill. Although many people opposed Ibn Abdul-Wahhab’s rigid teachings and actions including his own father and brother Sulaiman, who were both religious scholars, British undercover spies and money succeeded in cajoling an insignificant Dir’iyyah sheik, Mohammad al-Saud, to support him.

In 1744, al-Saud joined forces with Ibn Abdul-Wahhab by forging a political, religious, and marital alliance. With this union between them and their families, which is still in existence today, Wahhabism as a religious and political movement was born. By this joint venture each head of the al-Saud family (House of Saud) assumed the position of a Wahhabi Imam (“religious leader”), while each head of the Wahhabi family was guaranteed control over religious interpretation. Ignorant people, not by means of knowledge or persuasion, but by pure violence, bloodshed, and terror, spread Wahhabism in the Arabian Peninsula. As a result of the 1744 Saudi-Wahhabi alliance, a small Bedouin army was established with the help of British undercover spies who provided it with money and weapons.

In time this army grew into a major menace that eventually terrorized the entire Arabian Peninsula up to Damascus, and caused one of the worst
Fitnah (“violent civil strife”) in the history of Islam. In the process, this army was able to viciously conquer most of the Arabian Peninsula to create the first Saudi-Wahhabi State. For example, to fight what they considered Muslim “polytheists” and “heretics”, the Saudis-Wahhabis shocked the entire Muslim world in 1801 by brutally destroying and defacing the sacred tomb of the martyr Hussein Bin Ali (Prophet Mohammad’s grandson) in Karbala, Iraq, a particularly holy shrine to Shiite Muslims. They also mercilessly slaughtered over 4,000 people in Karbala and stole anything that was not nailed down. It took over 4,000 camels to carry the huge loot.

Again in 1810 they ruthlessly killed many innocent people across the Arabian Peninsula. They raided and pillaged many pilgrimage caravans and several major cities in Hejaz including the two holiest cities of Makkah and Madinah. In Makkah they turned away pilgrims, and in Madinah they attacked and desecrated Prophet Mohammad’s Mosque, opened his grave, and sold and distributed its valuable relics and expensive jewels. These Saudi-Wahhabi terrorist acts and blasphemous crimes aroused the deep anger of Muslims around the world including the Ottoman Caliph in Istanbul. As the official ruler of the Arabian Peninsula and the guardian of Islam’s holiest mosques, Caliph Mahmud II ordered an Egyptian force to be sent to the Arabian Peninsula to punish the Saudi-Wahhabi clan. In 1818, an Egyptian army led by Ibraheem Pasha (son of Egypt’s ruler) savage acts after capturing Riyadh was to terrorize its inhabitants by spiking the heads of the falling al-Rasheeds at the age of the city. He and his fanatical Wahhabi followers also burned over (1,200) people to death.

Known in the West as “Ibn Saud”, the Wahhabi Imam Abdulaziz was well loved by his British masters. Many British officials and emissaries in the Arab Gulf area frequently met or interacted with him, and generously supported him with money, weapons, and advisors. Sir Percy Cox, Captain Prideaux, Captain Shakespeare, Gertrude Bell, and Harry Saint John Philby (the so-called “Abdullah”) were among the many British officials and advisors who constantly surrounded Abdulaziz to help him with everything he needed. With British weapons, money, and advisors, Imam Abdulaziz was able to gradually conquer most of the Arabian Peninsula in a ruthless manner under the banner of Wahhabism to create the Third Saudi-Wahhabi State, known today as Saudi Arabia. In creating Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi Imam Abdulaziz and his fanatical Wahhabi soldiers of God committed horrible massacres especially in Islam’s holy land of Hejaz from which they brutally expelled its noble Shareef ruling class, the direct descendants of Prophet Mohammad. In Turabah in May 1919 they waged a sneak attack in the dead of the night on the Hejazi army and viciously massacred over 6,000 of its men. Again, in August 1924 the fanatical Saudis-Wahhabis barbarically broke into people’s houses in the Hejazi city of Taif, threatened them, and stole their money at gunpoint. They decapitated boys and old men, and were amused by the horrified women who were screaming and weeping. Many of Taif’s women quickly hid down deep in their water-wells to escape the ongoing rape and murder committed by the savage Saudis-Wahhabis. The primitive Saudis-Wahhabis also murdered many Imams while they prayed in their mosques; burned most of Taif’s buildings to the ground; indiscriminately slaughtered most men they found in the streets; and stole everything that could possibly be moved. More than 400 innocent people were quickly butchered in Taif.

When the vicious Saudis-Wahhabis entered Islam’s holiest city, they found Makkah’s terrorized inhabitants hiding in their homes, the streets were totally deserted, and the houses’ doors and windows were tightly shut in their faces. The Saudis-Wahhabis brutally broke into Makkah’s houses and destroyed all musical instruments and records, gramophones, radios, cigarettes, tobacco pipes, pictures, and mirrors – all considered by them (at that time) to be the work of the Devil. The primitive invaders then used the wooden frames of Makkah’s houses and doors for cooking fire. The Wahhabi soldiers of God also flogged Makkah’s inhabitants who wore Western clothes, gold, perfume, or silk. They also desecrated most graveyards, and destroyed many of Makkah’s beautiful tombs, ornamental mosques, and shrines that had stood for centuries reflecting the glorious Islamic past and the great history of the holy city. In addition, the ignorant invaders barbarically destroyed any physical traces of Prophet Mohammad’s historical monuments and sights in the holy city as well as all other historical buildings or physical structures that could in any way be traced to his disciples “in order not to be worshiped as holy spots”.

In addition, Imam Abdulaziz’s Wahhabi soldiers of God savagely bombarded Islam’s second holiest city of Madinah. To the horror of all Muslims around the world, their British-made bombs and shells fell on Prophet Mohammad’s tomb, badly damaging it. The fanatical Saudi-Wahhabi army then laid a yearlong crippling siege on the seaport city of Jeddah causing starvation. As a result, drinking water was practically impossible to find and Jeddah’s poor spent their days searching the streets for food in the garbage. Many of them even picked and ate the undigested corn found in the camels’ dung. After severely bombarding the city for some time, the ignorant Saudi-Wahhabi fighters

finally entered Jeddah and immediately began destroying the telephone lines, the radio station, and other signs of modern life, considered by them (at that time) to be sacrilegious and work of the Devil. During the 30 years of creating Saudi Arabia (1902-32), the fanatical Saudis-Wahhabis brutally killed and wounded over 400,000 Arabs throughout the Arabian Peninsula; and carried out over 40,000 public executions and 350,000 public amputations, respectively 1% and 7% of the then estimated population of 4 million.

In addition, the Saudi-Wahhabi terror forced more than one million inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula to flee for their lives to other parts of the Arab world, never to return.

Unlike a century earlier when the Egyptian Ibraheem Pasha under Ottoman orders punished the Saudi-Wahhabi warriors for their crimes against Hejaz’s holy cities and inhabitants, this time the Arab and Muslim worlds were under the brutal control of Western colonial powers. Accordingly, the fanatical Saudis-Wahhabis escaped punishment and found protection and safety in Britain’s power and friendship. After establishing his British-made Wahhabi State,Imam Abdulaziz became a brutal dictator who took control of everything personally. He destroyed Hejaz’s free press, political parties, constitution, and all of its governmental apparatuses. The Wahhabi Imam then brazenly named the whole country after his own family, calling it the Kingdom of “Saudi”
Arabia. Besides being a dictator, King Abdulaziz was well known for his insatiable sexual appetite. In addition to his innumerable concubines, the “pious” Wahhabi Imam
married about 300 wives; some of them were only a one-night stand. While his sons are estimated to be about 125, no one knows for sure how many daughters he fathered. Moreover, King/ Imam Abdulaziz encouraged the practice of slavery by personally owning hundreds of slaves for himself as well as for his family members. However, to avoid international embarrassment, Wahhabism and the House of Saud were finally forced to abolish slavery in 1962. Other embarrassments caused by Wahhabism came in 1969 when the top religious Wahhabi sheik, Abdulaziz Bin Baz, emphatically declared that the Earth was flat, static, and that the Sun revolved around it. All of Imam/King Abdulaziz’s sons who assumed power after his death in 1953 (Saud, Faisal, Khalid and Fahad) became brutal dictators like him and continued to rely heavily on the enemies of Islam and Arabs in the West for protection. And ever since the US replaced Britain during World War II as the dominant power in the Arab world, the Wahhabi House of Saud has shamelessly turned Saudi Arabia (the holy land of Islam) over to Islam’s foes to make it into a virtual American colony. Unlike their father, however, Abdulaziz’s sons dropped the title “Imam” preferring to be called simply “kings”. But in late 1986 Saudi Arabia’s current King Fahad (a spoiled playboy in his heydays) in a way returned to a different title of “ Imam” when he dropped the title “King” and assumed the title of “the guardian of the two holiest shrines” of Makkah and Madinah, a title that was originally coined for the Muslim Turkish Sultan Selim I (reign: 1512-20). However, with Saudi Arabia’s immense oil wealth at its disposal, Wahhabism has been able in recent decades not only to mute most of its critics, but also to dramatically improve its own image throughout the Muslim world. Hence, Wahhabism has now been presented as a “reformist movement” that re-established the “purity” of Islam. Even the name “Wahhabism” itself has been dropped in favor of new more suitable names such as “Salafi movement” (“noble tradition”) and “Muwahhedoon” (“unitarians”). Furthermore, the Wahhabi founder himself, Mohammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab, has been presented as a “great man” of immense character and 6

knowledge, a man who single-handedly “saved” Islam from “superstitions”. Accordingly, fortified with petro-dollars Wahhabism has in recent times begun to creep out of Saudi Arabia into the surrounding Arab and Muslim lands in a futile attempt to erase its stigma of being a minority trend in Islam. The Wahhabi House of Saud’s dismal failure to defend al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and the Palestinians against Israel’s illegal occupation and brutalities, as well as its shameful treachery and open cooperation with the Western enemy of Islam and Arabs not only in killing Muslims and occupying their lands in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also in allowing this enemy to militarily occupy the holy land of Islam itself, make all of its efforts to improve its image and the image of its Wahhabism worthless and fruitless. Contrary to current American media propaganda in the post 9/11 terrorist attacks, the US still strongly supports the Wahhabi House of Saud which fears terrorism as much as the US does. In fact, Wahhabism has already implemented American orders by changing the Saudi Islamic curricula and the meaning of
Jihad (“holy war”) in Islam to please Washington. In reality, the House of Saud and the Wahhabi leaders are as much hated by most Muslims as the US itself. Terrorist attacks by Saudi Muslim fundamentalists (some of whom are connected to Osama Bin Ladin’s al-Qa’eda) inside Saudi Arabia aimed at destabilizing the Wahhabi House of Saud have actually increased in the last 10 years. The fact that the enemies of Islam and Arabs, Israel and the US, fear and loath Shiism (i.e., Iran and Hizbolah) more than any other Islamic sect, is considered by most Muslims to be an honor for Shiism that Wahhabism has shamefully failed to attain for itself.

The two Saudi ruling-class families (the political House of Saud and the religious Wahhabi House), who are from the Najd region in central Arabia, are deeply hated by millions of Muslims in and out of Saudi Arabia especially in its Hejaz region where many people continue to privately celebrate Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday despite Wahhabism.
In a well-known Hadeeth, Prophet Mohammad said: “Narrated by Ibn Umar: The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said, ‘O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sha’m! [Greater Syria] O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen.’ The people said, ‘And also on our Najd.’ He said, ‘O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Sha’m (north)! O Allah! Bestow Your blessings on our Yemen.’ The people said, ‘O Allah’s Apostle! And also on our Najd.’ I think the third time the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said, ‘… There (in Najd) is the place of earthquakes and afflictions and from there comes out the side of the head of Satan.”
Many Muslims around the world truly believe that “the head of Satan” that Prophet Mohammad was talking about in the above Hadeeth is none other than the two evil families, the House of Saud and its bosom body, the reactionary Wahhabi House. Also, in another famous Hadeeth Prophet Mohammad said that one of the signs that the end of the world is nearing is: “… that you find barefooted, [unclad], destitute, shepherds of goats vying with one another in the construction of magnificent buildings.”
Again, many Muslims believe that Prophet Mohammad in this second Hadeeth was also referring to these two Saudi ruling-class families. In fact, just several decades ago before oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia, both of these families were indeed destitute, barefooted, goat herders who lived in the Arabian deserts’ villages and oasis in tents made of sheepskin. They now own some of the most magnificent skyscrapers in the entire Muslim world and control the lion share of the Saudi immense wealth.

It is very clear from the historical record that without British help neither Wahhabism nor the House of Saud would be in existence today. Wahhabism is a British-inspired fundamentalist movement in Islam. Through its defense of the House of Saud, the US also supports Wahhabism directly and indirectly regardless of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Wahhabism is violent, right wing, ultraconservative, rigid, extremist, reactionary, sexist, and intolerant. Its bloody historical record is well documented and cannot not be erased or dismissed by anyone. All of Wahhabism’s recent cosmetic changes to improve its own image would never deceive most educated Arabs and Muslims. Although in recent years a few Wahhabi religious leaders have tried to “distant” themselves from the House of Saud’s brutality and un-Islamic policies in a vain attempt to save Wahhabism’s image from further deterioration, most of the top Wahhabi religious leaders are still firmly 100% behind the House of Saud. In fact, most Wahhabi leaders have openly supported and defended all of the House of Saud’s unpopular domestic and foreign policies including allowing the US to occupy the land of Islam and Arabs, as well as to destroy Arabs and Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq. Indeed, the two families of the House of Saud and the Wahhabi House could not be separated because they are interwoven by bloodline and marriage since 1744. Their dynamic alliance is clearly manifested today in the composition of Saudi Arabia’s ruling class. In fact, the unity between them is stronger than the old unity of Church and State in Europe’s Middle Ages. Wahhabism’s intimate association with and support of the House of Saud, which is widely recognized to be one of the most brutal, corrupt, undemocratic, and feudal ruling classes in the entire world, makes its boastful claim of representing “the best form of Islam” the target of Muslim ridicule and derision. Today many educated Arabs and Muslims feel that Wahhabism gives Islam a bad name, and represents a reactionary shackle that prevents Arabs and Muslims from advancement. Certainly many Muslim Sunni scholars in the last 250 years both conservative and liberal, all across the Muslim world from Morocco to Indonesia, as well other Muslim sects such as the Shiite and Sufi, have all rejected Wahhabism since its birth as a horrible deformation of Islam.

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TERRORISM & COMMUNISM MEET HALF WAY: Hamas And North Korea Are Working On A Secret Arms Deal


Exclusive: Hamas has paid North Korea for missiles and communications equipment in arms deal worth hundreds of thousands of dollars
Hamas militants are attempting to negotiate a new arms deal with North Korea for missiles and communications equipment that will allow them to maintain their offensive against Israel, according to Western security sources.

Security officials say the deal between Hamas and North Korea is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and is being handled by a Lebanese-based trading company with close ties to the militant Palestinian organisation based in east Beirut.

Hamas officials are believed to have already made an initial cash down payment to secure the deal, and are now hoping that North Korea will soon begin shipping extra supplies of weapons to Gaza.

“Hamas is looking for ways to replenish its stocks of missiles because of the large numbers it has fired at Israel in recent weeks,” explained a security official. “North Korea is an obvious place to seek supplies because Pyongyang already has close ties with a number of militant Islamist groups in the Middle East.”

Using intermediaries based in Lebanon, Hamas officials are said to be intensifying their efforts to sign a new agreement with Pyongyang to provide hundreds of missiles together with communications equipment that will improve the ability of Hamas fighters to coordinate operations against Israeli forces.

Like other Islamist terror groups in the region such as Hizbollah, Hamas has forged close links with North Korea, which is keen to support groups that are opposed to Western interests in the region.

The relationship between Hamas and North Korea first became public in 2009 when 35 tons of arms, including surface-to-surface rockets and rocket-propelled grenades, were seized after a cargo plane carrying the equipment was forced to make an emergency landing at Bangkok airport. Investigators later confirmed that the arms cache has been destined for Iran, which then planned to smuggle the weapons to Hizbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.

Following Israel’s latest military offensive against Hamas operatives based in Gaza, Western security officials say Hamas is now trying to persuade North Korea to provide fresh supplies of rockets to replace the thousands of missiles that have been fired at Israel since the commencement of hostilities two weeks ago.

Israeli military commanders supervising operations against Gaza believe North Korean experts have given Hamas advice on building the extensive network of tunnels in Gaza that has enabled fighters to move weapons without detection by Israeli drones, which maintain a constant monitoring operation over Gaza.

The North Koreans have one of the world’s most sophisticated network of tunnels running beneath the demilitarised zone with South Korea, and Israeli commanders believe Hamas has used this expertise to improve their own tunnel network.

The Hamas arsenal has become increasing sophisticated with foreign assistance and now boasts five variants of rockets and missiles. Its basic weapon is the Iranian-designed Qassam rocket with a range of less than ten miles but it also has a large stockpile of the 122mm Katyushas which boast a range of up to 30 miles.

The introduction of the M-75 and Syrian-made M0302 missiles means Hamas boast offensive weapons with a longer range of up to 100 miles and a much greater explosive impact.

Since the 2012 eight-day war, Hamas has increased the size and strength of its rocket arsenal. Israeli military intelligence puts its stockpile at around 10,000 rockets and mortars, including long-range rockets capable of reaching Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the northern port city of Haifa.

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THE RISE OF CRUCIFIXION OF CHRISTIANS IN M.E: Islamic State Occupies Ancient Iraqi Christian Monastery and Threatens Christians

CUTTING EDGE \ Martin BarillaS

On July 20, the self-proclaimed “Islamic Caliphate” took possession of the ancient Syrian Catholic monastery of Mar Behnam, ten minutes from the city of Qaraqosh.
Syrian Catholic Archbishop Yohanna Petros Moshe of Mosul told the Fides news agency that armed Islamist militiamen of the Caliphate “imposed on the three monks and a few families living in the monastery to go away and leave the keys.” Christians fear that the Islamists will desecrate and vandalize the monastery in much the same way they have done so at other Christian sites as well as places revered by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam such as the tomb of the Prophet Jonah.

Mosul has been emptied of Christians ever since they received word from the Islamists on July 18 that they must leave, convert to Islam or face death. Christians of Qaraqosh, a city only a few kilometers from Mar Behnam, are increasingly alarmed. Christian residential and business properties were marked by the insurgents so as to identify them for dispossession by Muslims once the owners have fled.
“The international community”, said Rev. Nizar Semaan, a Syrian Catholic priest who assists Archbishop Moshe, “recorded a disturbing passivity due to what is happening in that area. One should come out of the vague statements, and put in place concrete measures at a humanitarian and political level. For example, the time has come to include these groups in the list of terrorist organizations condemned by international bodies, and above all it is necessary to make public the names of the Countries and forces that finance them. Intelligence agencies and the governments of various Countries certainly know where certain weapons and money that keep these groups going come from. It would be enough to stop the flow for a month, and these groups would not have any more force.”

According to Fr. Semaan, leaders and followers of Sunni Islam should work to isolate the jihadist groups, and said “a pronouncement of sentence (Ed. note: fatwa) against these groups by the Islamic authorities, spread through the network of mosques, would certainly have a significant effect.”
The Mar Benham Monastery is dedicated to the memory of the Assyrian martyr and prince Behnam and his sister Sarah. It was one of the oldest places of worship of Syrian Christianity.

The extremist Sunni Muslims of the Islamic State are imposing a very strict interpretation of Islamic religious law. Citing sharia law, the insurgents have required shopowners in Mosul to veil female mannequins in their shop displays. Also, an edict was issued on July 24 that requires all Muslim women to undergo genital mutilation: a practice that has raised significant concerns among Western governments and human rights activists.

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